Mission: Create 100 AI and ML Companies and Projects

Edmonton.AI is a community-driven group building a business ecosystem for artificial intelligence and machine learning-based products and services.

In 2017, Edmonton entrepreneurs Bruce Alton (A-Partners Ventures Inc.), Aaryn Flynn (Improbable) and Cory Janssen (AltaML) recognized the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and were proud of the incredible achievements made by Edmonton's AI researchers, educational institutions, and technology community.

Bruce Alton
Aaryn Flynn
Cory Janssen

They asked:

  1. What was next?
  2. How do we retain and grow our talent here?
  3. How do we look forward and become leaders in the business of AI?

Edmonton.AI was formed and was given the goal of creating 100 AI and ML companies and projects in Edmonton that would serve as a lasting foundation for a vibrant and growing ecosystem of companies, developers, and researchers.